What if I want to offer my services on a specific day & time?
You have two options – pay per session or book at an hourly rate. You are welcome to advertise to your clients if you plan to be there during a specific time (ie. Saturday 1pm – 4pm) then see how many clients book and just come and go. This way you are only paying for actual sessions booked!  Or you can keep the schedule open to your clients for the few weeks we are offering the minis and come for each individual session booked.

Can I bring my own props or move props?
Yes! Besides the bus itself, everything can be moved and you are welcome to add or take away anything from our set up.

Can I reserve the set up at an hourly rate?
Yes. You can reserve the photo set-up for a maximum of 4 hours but you will need to pay for the entire time reservation up-front at the time you book and there will be no reimbursement if you are unable to fill up your entire block of time reserved.

What is the hourly rate?
1 Hour Rate: $90 ($30 Discount)
2 Hour Rate: $170 ($70 Discount)
3 Hour Rate: $240 ($120 Discount)
4 Hour Rate: $300 ($180 Discount)

Do you require a deposit?
If booking per session, no deposit required.
If reserving a block of time (1 hour up to 4 hours), you must pay the entire cost of the time block at the time of your reservation.

How do I know what time slots or blocks are available?
Visit our Mini Sessions website at www.redbusphotos.com/minis to see which days mini sessions are available and what times are still available.

Can I charge my own price?
Yes! Charge whatever you would like to charge your clients.  You are simply required to pay Red Bus Photos $40.00 per 20 minute session.  This may be paid by you (if part of a reserved time block, required payment is due in advance, not on the day of your time block) or you may require your clients to make payment to Red Bus Photos just prior to the start of their session.

If I pay for the hourly rate, do my sessions still need to be 20 minutes in length?
No. You can split up that hour however you’d like!

Can I pass on the $40 sitting fee to my clients as a separate cost or do I need to include it in my price to take the pictures?
This is completely up to you! We just require the $40 cash at the start of each session.

Is there a restroom available at this location?

How do I book the hourly rate?
Send us an email [info@redbusphotos.com] or contact us via our Facebook page [www.facebook.com/redbusphotos] with your email address and what date and time block you would like to reserve based on what is available on our booking site. We will send you an invoice with the amount due. Once payment is received, will be block our your requested times.

Can I use Red Bus Photos setup images to advertise on my own personal photography Facebook page?
Yes!  If you would like a higher resolution version of the photo, please email us, but you are more than welcome to take the photo from our Facebook page!

What if a client cancels on me taking their pictures?
If you have prepaid for a reserved time block; unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about a cancelation from one of your clients and there will be no refund. However, if you are paying per session, please let us know about the cancellation as soon as possible (or need to reschedule).